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If You Think You Think Green, Think Again

1 year ago

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Posted on Jan 03, 2018, 2 a.m.

The first ever truly Pesticide Free and Organic Non GMO food may soon be available and just outside of Las Vegas.


No one has ever thought as Green as Thinking Green. Thinking Green is the First Ever Completely Self-contained, Self-sustained, Pesticide Free, No GMO, Off The Grid, Hydroponic Fruit & Vegetable Farm, Aquaponic Fishery, and Kobe Beef Cattle Ranch ever, and it will all be in one 50 acre location. Plus, Thinking Green Produces its own solar energy, it only uses 10% of the water, and it produces its own natural gas.

 While producing its own natural gas Thinking Green doubles as a place where restaurants can dump their waste by incorporating Nevada’s first Anaerobic Digester. The waste of Las Vegas’s 2,000 plus restaurants will finally go to good use. Since Thinking Green only needs a portion of the natural gas it will produce the excess will be sold off.

At the A4M Conference 25th Anniversary held December 14-16 at the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas. Dr. Ron Klatz Co-Founder and current President of the A4M Conference speaks with Richard Ham CEO of Thinking Green. In this interview Thinking Green Founder and Hedge Fund Manager Richard Ham will further explain how THINKING GREEN will integrate solar-powered hydroponics, aeroponics and aquaponics, how Thinking Green will convert organic waste into energy, and organically raised animals into a reproducible and “scalable” facilityAll production of energy for the facilities operations will be internally generated. Being able to be "off the grid" with this closed loop system will produce healthy food and clean energy virtually anywhere in the world... just by THINKING GREEN!

THINKING GREEN's objective is to have food and energy producing facilities that are self-contained or "off the grid" and not part of the current pesticide and other pollutant contaminated food that all of us, no matter how careful, have to eat currently.

“This type of technology has been here for a while. It’s proven. It works. However, that’s not the big deal. The big deal is Thinking Green is housing all these existing technologies under one roof, or one giant 50-acre dome. Thinking Green is going to serve as a prototype for the whole world of how to grow food, grow cattle, farm fish, create natural gas from our restaurant waste, and do this in any environment in the world where people live. They can have Kobe cattle ranches in Saudi Arabia, and Alaska while enjoying the best fruits and vegetables in the world,” stated Dr. Ronald Klatz, President of the A4M. “More importantly, up until this point there has really been no such thing as truly Pesticide Free food. Even if you were to follow every organic protocol when you grow your strawberries, or follow your cows around with a big umbrella for several years of their life before you sell them to the butcher, the produce and meat is still exposed to the elements. Who knows what is really being sprayed in the air anyway? Thinking Green changes the game. Everything is going to be gown in a clean environment. An environment of the Thinking Green scale simply doesn’t exist anywhere else in this world.”


Dr. Ronald r, DO, MD President of the A4M which has 28,000 Physician Members, and has trained over 150,000 physicians, health professionals and scientists around the world in the new specialty of Anti-Aging Medicine. A4M physicians are now providing advanced preventative medical care for over 10’s of Million individuals worldwide who now recognize that aging is no longer inevitable.


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